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Fall often brings the sad ritual of putting away the patio furniture signifying the official end of patio season. As the chairs, loungers and tables disappear into the garage, shed, basement or some pieces in all of those places, it’s hard not to miss those barbecues, enjoying a glass of wine by the pool or just a quiet afternoon reading in the lounger. But store away that patio furniture just because it’s getting colder outside. Here are 4 ways to extend outdoor patio season:

  1. Patio Heater, Fire Pit or Chimnea Having a portable outdoor heat source can extend your patio season well into the winter. A patio heater is a great way to keep a larger group warm. Who doesn’t love a fire? Fire pits and chimneas are great for a more intimate group. They ad a little ambiance along with added comfort to those sitting around them.

  2. Keep the Space Alive Undecorated patio spaces are uninviting and make the winter months less exciting. Keep your patio space alive with evergreen trees and plants and plenty of outdoor solar or electric string lights. A space that’s full of life will lure you out and enable you to enjoy your patio through winter, even if it’s just through the glass.

  3. Patio Blankets People who live in extreme northern climates have learned to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s cold. In Sweden, it’s traditional to have a rack, shelf, or basket of brightly-colored, thick fleece patio blankets. You can invest in a stash of your own just for outdoor use or just repurpose old quilts or twin-sized wool blankets.

  4. Store Only the Cushions The fastest way to extend your patio season is to be ready for unseasonably warm weather. Every winter has a few warm surprise days, but they don’t last long. If your patio furniture is in the garage, you won’t want to waste time getting out and putting it back just for a few hours of use. Be ready to take advantage of unexpected warm days by only storing your furniture cushions. (Learn more about McCartin’s patio cushion cleaning and storage solutions) Have those patio blankets at the ready to use as a quick and easy cushion.

Embrace Advenure It’s easy to get in a winter rut of staying inside and watching TV until the snow melts for good. Be the one that grills hamburgers in a snowstorm, or has a patio happy hour in January. Unless it’s dangerously cold outside, an fun-loving attitude goes a long way towards embracing your patio year-round!

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