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Don’t Whine over Spilled Wine

You’re enjoying yourself at a summer house party; the red sangria is refreshing, you’re dancing to some great music, and yep, you’ve managed to spill wine on the carpet. Whether you are the party thrower or the party-goer, you can probably relate to both scenarios. We’ve all been on both ends of this situation at some point.

If you happen to be the homeowner, here’s how to tactfully address the problem quickly and without drawing too much attention to the accident or to the poor guest that caused it.

While the party goes on, quietly blot up (do not rub) as much of the red wine as you can using clean cloth towels. Douse the area with cold water, and then, when the last guest leaves, tackle the stain using these steps. It’s important to do this right away and not wait until the next day. Once the natural dyes set in, they become harder to remove. Watch our How to step-by-step video on how to remove red wine from carpet.

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