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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Cleaning carpets is important to maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment. Many people wonder whether there is such a thing as cleaning carpets too often. Some believe that frequent cleaning can damage the carpet fibers, while others think that it’s necessary to clean carpets regularly to keep them looking and smelling fresh.


Honestly, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should clean your carpets. The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on various factors, such as the number of people and pets in the household, the amount of foot traffic, and the type of carpet fibers. For instance, high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms may need to be cleaned more frequently than bedrooms or guest rooms. The most important thing is to hire professionals who use proper carpet cleaning processes that won’t damage your carpet and will care for your carpet.


Regular cleaning of carpets is necessary to preserve their quality. Your carpets are an investment and can be expensive to replace. Some carpet manufacturers even specify how often to have your new carpets professionally cleaned to maintain the warranty. Regular cleaning helps to extend the lifespan of your carpet, preventing it from becoming worn and frayed. Over time, dirt and dust particles can also become embedded in the fibers of the carpet, causing them to break down. Regular cleaning will help remove these particles, preventing damage to the carpet fibers.


Maintaining a Healthy Environment

It’s a known fact that carpets can harbor bacteria, mold, and other allergens that can cause health problems. Regular carpet cleaning helps to remove these particles, making the air in the room cleaner and healthier.

For high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms, where carpets are subjected to more wear and dirt accumulation, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. This proactive approach ensures that allergens, dust, and pollutants are effectively removed from the carpet, promoting better indoor air quality and minimizing potential health risks.


Can You Overclean Carpets?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s important to use the proper cleaning processes. If the proper process is used, you could clean your carpets every month, and it would only serve to make your carpets last longer. For example, you can cause damage to your carpet fibers when you use too much water during the cleaning process, causing the fibers to become saturated and weakened. Over time, this can lead to fraying, splitting, and other types of damage.


To avoid this, it’s crucial to use the right amount of water during the cleaning process and to allow the carpet to dry completely before walking on it. This is why it’s also vital to choose a carpet cleaning company like ours that has over 35 years of experience and only utilizes methods that are appropriate for your type of carpet.


We also recommend that you clean your carpets two times per year at a minimum, and more often for high-traffic areas to remove abrasive dirt that can harm the carpet. Call McCartin’s to schedule your next professional carpet cleaning (215) 953-9593.

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