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What type of cleaning process and equipment do you use?

The equipment and process we use is a truck mounted hot water extraction system. It is the method we most often use because it is the only method that cleans carpets of dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollens, tobacco residue and dust mites. This process uses a biodegradable cleaning solution and hot water, under high pressure which is forced into your carpet and then extracted out. This system that we use is truck mounted meaning that all the equipment stays outside the home or facility and only the hose and wand are brought inside. 

A truck mounted unit cleans more effectively and produces better results because it heats water to a very high temperature and uses higher pressure than a portable machine can achieve. The heat/pressure combination breaks up the dirt, bacteria and other foreign matter that is trapped in your carpet. Then the machine produces huge vacuum volume to draw the dirt, water and cleaning solution out of your carpet into a waste tank in the truck.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

We encourage our clients to remove as many items as possible to enable the most thorough cleaning. We ask that you remove all breakable items from the areas to be cleaned. We would prefer an other small items like lamps, end tables, magazine racks, etc. be moved prior to our arrival. Larger furniture such as couches, tables and recliners can be moved during the cleaning process and replaced after the legs of the furniture have been protected. Any larger items such as entertainment centers, bookcases and buffets will need to be move by the client or we can clean safely around them. |

Thoroughly vacuum the rooms that you want us to clean before we arrive.

Make sure that there is an available parking spot in front of the home or business for our service van.

Our self-contained process means that we will need our service van close by so that we can access hoses and our water source.

What else do I need to know?

To help insure excellent results, please make sure to point out all of the trouble spots or long-standing stains that need special attention before we start cleaning.

Join the technician on a final walk-thru after the cleaning to make sure the results meet your expectations.

What can I do for emergency spots or pet stains?

To help insure maximum results from professional cleaning it is sometimes important to perform damage control on immediate problems that arise, such as spots or pet stains. 


Spot as soon as possible. Often, the difference between a spot and a stain is time.

Remove excess solids. Never rub or scrape carpet with a sharp object. This can damage carpet fibers. 

Apply a moderate amount of a general spot cleaner made especially for carpet. Avoid over wetting, blot using a clean white paper towel or terry cloth. Rinse well with plain water to avoid creating a new spot from leaving too much spotter in the carpet. Some petroleum based spots will require a solvent based cleaner. Always follow instructions on the spotter label.

Pet Stains 

Immediately cover the entire pet urine stain with a cotton towel folded several times. Cover with a heavy object such as a stack of books or a brick and let it sit for 24 hours.

Thinking of Purchasing New Carpets?

Purchasing carpets involves more than just picking a color and style that you like. If you want a well made, fairly priced carpet that will last for years, stand up to wear and tear, and look like new when you have it cleaned , you'll want to make an informed decision when going to purchase your carpet. Visit Carpet This site is very informative and will help you in your decision making process.

Frequently Asked Questions and Professional Tips

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