Carpet Spot Dyeing on Residential and Commercial Floors

Carpets and rugs are an integral part of a home’s aesthetic statement. They can last years, depending on maintenance and wear, but are usually prematurely replaced because of damaged caused by spills. Stains if quickly addressed usually can be removed by McCartin’s professional carpet cleaning service.


But what about a bleach spot or sun fading?

A carpet bleach spot will leave a stain or spot that cannot be removed because it is not a stain, but an area of color loss. Similarly, fading from UV light is a color loss and cannot be removed. In Color loss situations such as these, carpet spot dyeing or carpet color restoration is necessary.


Carpet bleach stain repair or restoration from fading needed? No problem, McCartin’s offers the solution! With our expert carpet color restoration and carpet spot dyeing technique, our rug colorist can safely and successfully eliminate the bleach stain by restoring the color lost from your carpet or rug.


Call us today for a consultation on your carpet color restoration or carpet spot dyeing needs. See our results.

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