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Fine Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

McCartin's Services offers in-home fine rug cleaning and full service traditional oriental rug cleaning and repair in our facility. With over thirty years of experience, we specialize in in-home fine rug cleaning and machine-made area rug cleaning as well as thorough deep cleaning in our shop.


Our in-home process is safe to the floor underneath. We use a hot water extraction which cleans the rug surface. We usually recommend a more thorough process for oriental rug cleaning and area rug restoration, but sometimes customers want their rug to stay in place.


We have the knowledge and years of experience in the industry, to help our clients to make informed decisions about the cleaning and repair of their fine area rugs.


For a more thorough oriental rug cleaning service or area rug restoration, let us take care of your area rugs in our shop. We do all area rug cleaning and repair by hand at our location in Warwick conveniently located to Jamison and  just 15 minutes from Doylestown, Newtown and Richboro. Located just 20 minutes from Buckingham, New Hope, Washingtons Crossing, and Yardley. Visit our orinental rug cleaning and area rug restoration shop, Bal Arisi. Minimal contact rug drop-off and pick up is available during our regular hours with appointment. We also offer no contact porch pick-up and delivery or in-home pick-up and delivery. Whichever you choose, we have your rug back to you looking beautiful!

Our Oriental rug cleaning 5-step process at our location includes:

  1. Initial pre-inspection. We examine each fine rug for stains, damage, and other existing or potential problems to determine the best cleaning method and recommend repair or restoration options if needed. 

  2. Thorough percussion or tumble dusting depending on condition of the rug.

  3. Followed by a customized washing process with earth-friendly cleaning products. Rugs are flushed with water removing all remaining traces of soil.

  4. Extraction process. All water is extracted, and rugs are hung to dry

  5. Once fully dry, each rug is re-examined, brushed, and groomed.


Oriental rug restoration, Persian rug restoration, and area rug restoration

Depending on the rug identification we will use proper repair materials and techniques to honor your rug. We do wool rug repair, silk rug repair, and more.


Visit our area rug restoration company, samples of our work