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Don't replace tired grout. Have us color seal your grout!

Sealing grout when it is first installed is so important, but rarely do contractors do it. Color sealing and clear coat sealing will extend the life of your grout by protecting it from dirt and bacteria by creating a seal or barrier that will keep them from penetrating deep into the grout.

A sealer will not stop grout from looking dirty when it IS dirty, but it will ensure that the dirt can be removed when you have your tile floors professionally cleaned. Unhappy with the way your grout looks even after it is professionally cleaned? If your grout is not the color you remember or perhaps it’s just not the color you want any longer, don’t pay to have your floor regrouted, have McCartin’s clean and color seal your grout.


Color sealing will make the grout lines even, stain-free, and will prevent future permanent discoloration from mildew or dirt. We have a large selection of popular colors to choose from!  We can restore the original color or custom color match the grout to the tile and decor of your home.

Before_Color seal.JPG
Before color sealing
After_Color seal.JPG
After color sealing
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