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Many contemporary homes feature hardwood floors which are both durable and beautiful. Whether they are authentic hardwood or engineered wood, they need a regular hardwood floor maintenance regimen to maintain their beauty and durability.

Are your floors showing wear, scratches, or floor wax build-up? Would you like to have them restored to their natural beauty, but don't want to deal with the dust and expense of having them resanded? We may have the answer for you!

McCartin’s screen and recoat process will renew the beautiful look of your wood floors without the dust and smell of oil-based stain and finishes.

Instead of having your wood floors refinished or replaced, let McCartin's refurbish them with our Professional Hardwood Floor Sreen & Recoat Services. 

Proper Hardwood Floor Maintenace

wood before and after2.jpg
wood before and after.jpg
Before and after wood floors_Page_2.jpg
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