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17 Biggest Home Decor Trends for 2019

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

It is November and designers are talking about the home decor trends for 2019.

2019 Interior trends
Matte black, wood floors, and house plants are "in" for 2019

No matter the hottest new flooring and furniture trends, McCartin's is dedicated to helping homeowner’s keep their existing or newly acquired interior assets looking their best. Whether it be upholstered or leather furniture, area rugs or hardwood, we clean it all.

With the growing trend toward hardwood flooring or the hardwood-look, McCartin’s is seeing a shift from wall-to-wall carpet to area rugs that show off those wood floors.

McCartin’s Tip: Area rugs are becoming more affordable, and designs are …. We can help you keep your rugs clean prolonging their useful life. Whether it be an area rug from Pottery Barn or a true Persian heirloom we have the proper washing technique.

While visiting the Area Rug Show in NYC in September, we were clued in that Scandinavian designs will be big this year in area rugs. According to ZERXZA® Magazine the Scandi influence will bleed into other décor areas as well. Here are some trends the magazine also says to watch for are:

Natural wood

Crisp and clean white kitchens have been the trend over the last several years, but they’re slowly giving way to a more natural look.

Natural, light wood surfaces give kitchens a more relaxed feel. And if you like Scandinavian interiors, you’re in luck. Natural wood will take a cultural cue from them.

McCartin’s Tip: To prolong the life of your wood floors, it’s important to keep your hardwood and faux hardwood floors clean.

Earthy Colors

It comes as no surprise that earthy colors will dominate 2019 home decor. After all, earth colors are consistent with four other decor predictions: natural wood, plants, and sage green. Expect to see warm beige shades, various green hues and more.

Sustainable fabrics

Sustainable fabrics, including animal-free leathers and worm-free silks, will gain traction next year.

So, vegans can celebrate, and so can everyone else who is committed to creating a more sustainable living experience both for themselves and for everyone else on the planet – including animals, too!

McCartin’s Tip: Light fabrics colors show dirt and blemishes faster than darker shades and busier patterns. We can keep your upholstered furniture looking guest-ready. No matter what fabric, McCartin’s has the expertise to get your furniture clean. Even leather and, yes, even pet stains!

To give you a head start on your 2019 home decor plans see what other interior trends will prevail in the new year according to ZERXZA® Online Magazine, read full article.

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