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5 Easy Ways to Make a Big Design Changes Without the Big Expense

Has working from home or the hint of Fall inspired you to redecorate, reorganize and rearrange? Change doesn’t need to be messy or expensive. Think outside the box for a moment. Before you pick up paint swatches at your local hardware store, reconsider. You don’t need to repaint an entire room or go for a complete makeover to freshen up your spaces. Try one or all of these decorator hacks.

1. Add Some Color

A simple way to brighten up a neutral room is with accents. Choose from solids, patterns, or florals for a burst of color you can strategically place around a room with accent pillows or a cozy throw blanket. These additions, along with colorful vases or flowers, can add depth and bring a room together. Or try a healthier alternative, live plants! They will add color and help purify our air.

2 – See the Light

Bring in more dimension with a new statement lamp or upcycling an old one if you’re into DIY projects. A pair of lamps can brighten up a seemingly dark room and highlight subtle color hues. Add a mirror to a bare wall or choose one with a decorative, artistic frame to reflect light and other color accents—plus, it makes your room look larger too.

3 – Add Color to the Floors

An area rug can bring warmth and cozy up an otherwise cold room. Floors take up a lot of visual space for a room, and adding a rug can be a great way to add color. Easily changeable as well, rugs can be updated, moved, and seasonally rotated on a whim. Pick up a new-to-you rug at a flea market. Even if it isn’t the pe

rfect size for your room, a good area rug repair shop can resize. See our results.

4 – Hang Artwork

Add some personality to your space with a large, colorful piece of art that can introduce new dimensions and color. You can also opt for a collection of smaller pieces of art featuring art or photography collages or children’s homemade pieces in fun frames.

5 – Color Seal Tile Grout

If you want to completely change the look of a room or just make a subtle change to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom, color sealing is the one for you. Don’t rip out tile or regrout even. Paint sealing can totally makeover the look and keep grout clean and protected at the same time. And it is not a costly makeover. See how we do it.

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