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Love outdoor living, but hate the work?

Jess loves the outdoors, and by March, she is anxiously awaiting warmer weather so that she can get back outside. Warm temperatures and longer days mean longer hours spent enjoying the outdoor space that she has created. Lovely gardens, perfect flagstone patio with beautiful new outdoor patio furniture on which she admits she spent way more than she should have. “But I loved it, it perfectly fit into the space I was creating, and I couldn’t help myself. After all, we were in the COVID lockdown, and our family was spending all of our time at home.” she said, justifying the expense, “We definitely got ample use out of the furniture the first summer.”

However, come November, when she had to lug all of those cushions and umbrellas inside for the winter, she began to regret her purchase. Where was she going to store all of it? She couldn’t take up the entire garage because the family needed to park cars in there for the winter. So, half went into the garage with the cars, and the other half went into the shed with lawn equipment. Not ideal, but it would have to do.

When April rolled around, Jess decided it was time to bring it all out again. She realized then what poor choices her storage places had been. Her beautiful white and yellow cushions were just filthy, and the umbrellas had insect cocoons inside of them. She was devastated that her extravagant expense had lasted only one season before looking a mess. Six and a half days later, she had all of the cushions out, cleaned, and set up. By the time she could enjoy them, the weather turned to rain.

We hear many stories like this one from our current clients as we are dropping off their freshly cleaned patio cushions and umbrellas for Spring set-up and when we are doing our end-of-season pick-up. One customer told us that he no longer dreaded the end of the outdoor patio season because he no longer had to deal with the cleanup and storage of all of the furniture cushions, pillows, and umbrellas. One year he decided to leave it out and ended up having to replace everything due to mildew he could remove with at-home cleaning.

Does your outdoor furniture get dirty every year after being stored away or exposed to the harsh winter elements? Even if your furniture is covered during the winter, it may still accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. Hate the hassle of storing it all away and getting it all out?

Let us clean and store your outdoor furniture cushions, umbrellas, and boat cushions at the end of the season. At the end of the season we will pick up cushions and umbrellas to clean at our location. Cushions are examined for stains, cleaned, and wrapped in plastic and stored for the winter free of charge and will be delivered back to you for use in the Spring.

To learn more or reserve your cleaning and storage, contact us online or by phone (215) 860-6955.

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