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Outdoor Living Can Get Dirty.

Spring is here and warmer weather reminds us that Spring cleaning including outdoor furniture and cushions need to be cleaned and prepped for Summer. If you called McCartin’s last year for your outdoor cushion cleaning and storage you wouldn’t have to even think about it. We’d be delivering them to you ready to set up.

Do-it-yourself cushion cleaning for minor spills or dirt is typical upkeep for summertime outdoor furniture, but a proper professional outdoor cushion cleaning to remove dirt and mildew that have built up over the season is crucial to the longevity of your furniture. Outdoor Patio Cushions and Umbrellas take a beating during the hot summer months. Our service will clean and refresh those dirty cushions and protect them from further wear and tear. To keep your outdoor entertaining space in tip-top shape, it’s important to give those dusty, dirty, sometimes mildewy outdoor cushions a thorough cleaning each year.

For a professional outdoor cushion cleaning, call McCartin’s (215) 953-9593 or our sister company Bal Arisi (267) 918-285 to find out about pricing and availability for 2023! Learn more or make a reservation.


We give them a good thorough scrubbing to rid them of the summer grime and mildew.


We can also spray them with fabric protector to prevent next summer’s grime from becoming permanent.


We bag them for storage and delivery.


We will store your cushions until Spring and deliver them right to your patio ready for another season.


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