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Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Outdoor patio cushions
Let us clean and store your cushions for the winter

Unless you live in a warm climate, the winter likely kept you from enjoying your deck and/or patio for a few months. No worries — with these tips, you’ll be back to enjoying these spaces in no time.

Outdoor Cushion Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning

To clean outdoor furniture, you’ll need to give it some elbow grease and give it a real scrubbing with hot, soapy water and spray it off with a hose or power washer. To clean cushions, first, brush off loose debris and spray those with a hose as well. Then clean per manufacturer’s instructions.

One way to keep your outdoor cushions clean and in good shape is to store them somewhere dry and out of the freezing temperatures. The best way to clean outdoor cushions and store them for the winter is to have us do it for you! It is also the easiest way to tackle cleaning and storing of outdoor patio cushions! See our prices and make a reservation for 2023. Watch our video of the outdoor cushion cleaning & winter storage program by McCartin's and sister company Bal Arisi.

Cleaning your Deck or Patio

If you have a concrete patio, sweep it off and spray it down with a pressure washer or wash it clean with a brush. Make sure to look for any cracks or chips that might need repairing so you can avoid a costlier repair later on.

For wooden decks, check that the wood isn’t rotting or decaying, and make sure your railings are tight. After sweeping, scrub the wood with the proper cleaning solution and re-stain the deck if necessary.

Replace old lightbulbs in the outdoor lighting fixtures and clean off the dust and debris, like bird nests, from fixtures. Check to see that the fixtures are working correctly and are properly mounted.

Clean and Prep the Barbecue Grill

Some people use their grill year-round. If you are one of those die-hards, then you’ll need to go through this process at least twice a year. First, wipe down the grill and make sure all of the connections are in proper working order. Remove the grates and racks and soak them in hot water and vinegar, scrub with a wire brush, then hose off. If it is a propane stove, make sure fluid levels are topped off.

Now you can rest assured, ready for the Summer to start!

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