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The Art of the Rug and How to Care For It

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Winter have you feeling blue? One of the best ways to beat those winter doldrums is to add beauty into your daily life. A good way to do that is to add a new piece of art into your home. What better than a piece of art that is functional? Enter the oreintal rug!

An authentic handmade oriental rug can be the ultimate finishing touch to an exquisitely appointed office or living room. They are becoming more prevalent in homes as are less costly, but still very beautiful versions.

It’s quite enjoyable hunting for the perfect area rug for your space. Whether you are working with a designer or shopping on your own at home or abroad, it is an adventure.

Finding the perfect woven masterpiece in just the right colors and size for your room is half the story. Keeping it looking beautiful is another matter. So, what do you do when your beautiful rug becomes soiled, the fringe starts to fray, wine is spilled on it, or worse, your dog has mistaken it for a fire hydrant?

Well the first question is, " Do you know what you have"?

Is it a hand-knotted Sarouk, Persian Heriz, a Serapi? Is it wool, silk, or Jute? Did the weaver use artificial or natural dyes?

You may have little if any of that information. That’s why it is so important that the rug cleaning company to which you are entrusting the care of your rugs is able to determine all of that. Every rug is not created equal and anyone that tells you that area rugs can be cleaned the same way that wall-to-wall carpets are cleaned, is not totally correct.

Most area rugs, especially those that are hand knotted and even some of those that are machine knotted, need special care in the wash process. Depending on what is going on with your rug, it may need to be stabilized before the wash process is even started. If you have a pet stain, your rug will need to be treated differently. The process can be a bit more complex and cleaning an area rug in a client’s home typically isn’t getting it as clean as it could be.

Collector's area rug
Steaming process leaves rug with a beautiful finish

Make sure you are asking questions of the company that is washing or repairing your rug. A rug is a beautiful investment and it can be easily rendered worthless by an inexperienced cleaner.

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