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The Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist

The daffodils are proclaiming that Spring has finally arrived here in Bucks County! After a long Fall and Winter of spending more time in your home than ever before, whether it be working remotely, schooling your children, or just staying safe, there has never been a better time to get down to Spring cleaning. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve compiled a comprehensive Spring cleaning checklist to take you room by room, making it easy to check off tasks as you go.

Get Ready

Spring cleaning your home can seem overwhelming so start slow. Go through and make a list of all the supplies you’ll need, i.e., mops, sponges, earth-friendly cleaning products.

Get Started

An easy way to stay organized is to have a plan. Start from the top to bottom of the house and the top of the room. If you start on the highest floor first, lugging all your supplies and equipment, like a heavy vacuum, won’t seem so bad when you are just beginning. As you work your way through the house, you have nowhere to go but down. Gravity is your friend! In each room, leave the floor as the last task, so you don’t have to do it more than once.


  • Dust ceiling, especially in the corners, vents, and ceiling fans

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust curtain rods

  • Wash windows

  • Clean window sills

  • Dust/polish furniture

  • Wipe baseboards

  • Donate unused clothing

  • Organize closets

  • Wash bedding, including sheets, pillows, duvets, and bed skirts

  • Flip mattress

  • Vacuum window treatments or have them professionally cleaned

  • Vacuum carpets and area rugs


  • Dust ceiling, especially in the corners, vent covers, and light fixtures

  • Wipe walls

  • Wash curtains and wipe blinds

  • Clean vanity

  • Discard expired personal care products and makeup, and bring old medications to a drop-off site

  • Clean makeup brushes

  • Replace toothbrushes or electric toothbrush heads

  • Discard disposable razors or replace razor heads

  • Wipe mirror

  • Clean tub and shower

  • Clean showerhead (try this trick-remove the showerhead and let it soak in white vinegar or fill a sandwich baggie with ¼ c white vinegar and submerge shower head in a baggie with vinegar and attach with a rubber band. Let soak for 30 minutes.)

  • Replace shower curtain liner

  • Clean toilet

  • Clean hardware

  • Sweep floors

  • Mop floors or have tile & grout floors and showers professionally cleaned

  • Wipe baseboards


  • Wipe down the ceiling, especially over the stovetop area.

  • Dust light fixtures, blinds, ceiling fans, and the tops of high cabinets and appliances.

  • Wash curtains or have window treatments professionally cleaned

  • Clean windows and windowsills

  • Clean stovetop and degrease backsplash.

  • Clean oven

  • Clean microwave

  • Clean dishwasher

  • Clean refrigerator both inside and out

  • Defrost the freezer

  • Remove everything from each cabinet and drawer. Clean both the inside and outside of each with soap and damp cloth.

  • Discard old or expired food in pantry, fridge, and freezer

  • Remove crumbs from the toaster.

  • Deep clean cutting boards.

  • Clean and shine the faucet, sink, and clean the drain.

  • Deodorize and disinfect garbage can.

  • Clean and disinfect countertops.

  • Sharpen knives.

  • Sweep, mop, and disinfect floor

  • Call to schedule tile and grout or laminate floor cleaning.

  • Deodorize and degrease the kitchen drain

  • Wash dish rags and clean or replace sponges

  • Wipe walls

  • Wipe baseboards

  • Mop floors or have tile and grout floors professionally cleaned.

  • Shake out dust or dirt from floor mats


  • Dust ceiling, especially in the corners

  • Wipe wallsWipe down entry door inside and out.

  • Clean any windows in or around entry door and glass screen doors

  • Wipe baseboards

  • Clean doormat

  • Organize shoes

  • Hang jackets

  • Sweep and Mop floors

Living Areas

  • Dust ceiling, vents, and ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust curtain rods

  • Wash windows

  • Clean window sills

  • Vacuum curtains or have them professionally cleaned.

  • Dust/polish furniture

  • Vacuum sofa and chairs or have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaner

  • Wash blankets and pillows

  • Dust and clean lamp shades

  • Dust electronics

  • Dust and clean any picture frames, hanging art, or other decor.

  • Sanitize remote controls

  • Mop or vacuum floors

  • Schedule your carpets to be professionally cleaned

  • Have your area rugs scheduled to be picked up for professional cleaning

Kids’ Playroom

  • Dust ceiling, vents, and ceiling fans

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust curtain rods

  • Wash windows

  • Clean window sills

  • Sanitize plastic toys with soap and water

  • Wash stuffed animals and soft toys.

  • Donate unused toys

  • Organize toys and play areas

  • Mop or vacuum floors

  • Vacuum carpets and call to schedule a professional cleaning

  • Call to schedule area rugs to be picked up for professional cleaning.

Home Office

  • Dust ceiling, vents, and ceiling fans

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust curtain rods

  • Wash windows

  • Clean window sills

  • Dust bookshelf

  • Dust electronics

  • Recycle unneeded paperwork

  • Go through office supplies like pens and white-out and discard any that no longer work. Sharpen pencils.

  • Dust and polish furniture

  • Dust bookshelf

  • Dust electronics

  • Sanitize keyboard and mouse

Laundry Room

  • Dust ceiling, especially over the dryer and in the corners

  • Clean inside the washing machine (use ¾ cup of food-grade citric acid crystals used for canning and run it through a cycle, then one additional cycle with just water to rinse thoroughly)

  • Clean dryer vent

  • Clean lint trap

  • Wipe walls, especially around the dryer

  • Wipe down the outside of all appliances

  • Organize laundry supplies

  • Wipe baseboards

  • Sweep and mop floor


  • Wipe down walls

  • Declutter tools, sporting equipment, and toys

  • Open up garage door to air out the space

  • Sweep floor

  • Clean garage door

  • Clean garage door frame

  • Replace batteries in garage door openers

  • Clean windows

  • Remove oil and grease from cement floor. (pour one can of Coke on the stain, scrub with a nylon bristle brush, allow to sit for 12 hours and squirt off with garden hose)

Throughout the House

  • Test and replace smoke alarm batteries

  • Replace air filters as needed

  • Replace light bulbs as needed

  • Sanitize door handles

  • Sanitize light switches.

  • Call to schedule a professional carpet cleaning of all carpets throughout the house

  • Call to schedule area rugs to be picked up for professional cleaning.

  • Schedule an A/C cleaning and maintenance check to make sure your system is ready for summer weather.

  • Consider inserting window screens in your windows if you removed them for the Winter.

Get Help

Download a comprehensive checklist to get your home looking great. Remember we’re here to help with all of your professional carpet, area rug, tile and grout, and upholstery cleaning needs; call us (215) 953-9593.

Spring cleaning checklist_Download
Download PDF • 314KB

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