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What Rug Cleaning Method is the Best?

Area rugs are incredibly popular in homes right now, especially ones with tile, hardwood or laminate flooring. They add a decorative element to the room, as well as help with noise reduction, comfort and warmth. As with any carpet, area rugs get dirty. They’re on the floor so they can easily be stained with food or drink spills, footsteps or other accidents from people or pets. Depending on how the rug is used, and how the rug is cleaned, it is generally recommended that area rugs be cleaned at least every two years. More often depending on the wear, and the type of cleaning.

Types of Cleaning

Of course, you can attempt to clean your rug yourself at home. But after you’ve tried that once you’ll be sure to call a pro next time. There are two types of professional cleaning that you can choose for your area rug, in-plant washing or in-home extraction:

First, let’s preface by saying that both methods WILL clean your rug. There are some pros and cons for both methods which we will lay out for you.

METHOD 1: In-Home Extraction


When cleaning a rug in a home, there is only so much you can do. Suffice to say that this type of cleaning is a surface cleaning. Does the rug get cleaned? Yes, McCartin’s uses hot water extraction cleaning or steam cleaning as it is called. Hot water is shot into the face of the rug and extracted out. This does get deeper into the fiber than say a bonnet cleaning, or an encapsulation cleaning but it is not a true rug wash as the underneath side is not being cleaned.

Usually, fringes cannot be worked on in the home, as the floors beneath will be jeopardized. Also thorough dusting is also out of the question in the home, as is working on any pet stains and odors. Moth protection and fiber protector can also not be applied in the home.


Steam cleaning your area rug in the home is definitely more convenient if you do not want to be without rug or have heavy furniture on your rug that you don’t want to move. Steam cleaning can be done on the rug in place and will be dry in a matter of hours.

METHOD 2: In-Plant Washing


Hands down the most thorough cleaning your area rug can receive. The rug goes through several steps in our wash process. It goes through a thorough inspection before going through the dusting process, which shakes the dry particulate matter out of the rug before it heads to the wash floor. Once on the wash floor it receives a thorough wash. If the rug has fringe, it is now that they will be scrubbed clean. Most rugs will be totally submerged depending on the fiber type. It is then placed in a centrifuge to wring as much water out of the rug as possible to speed up dry time once they are hung to dry. Once out of the centrifuge they are groomed and hung to dry. Once dry, it is groomed again, stain protector and moth treatment can be applied now, then it will be delivered back to the customer.

The process is much more thorough, but the turnaround time also reflects that, and this type of service is priced accordingly.


Our turnaround time to wash area rugs is three weeks from pick up to delivery, so not as quick as on location. Some people take advantage of this service when they are moving or having remodeling projects done. We can protect your rug from pests and properly wrap your rug for storage. Spring is also a great time to send your rugs out. Spring cleaning generally has you moving furniture anyway and moths are more active in Springtime making this time of year an excellent time to call McCartin’s to have your area rugs taken out for cleaning.

Now you are armed with the knowledge you need to make the best choice for your area rug cleaning. Either way, McCartin’s is at your service!

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