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Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Tile & Grout

On the surface, tile grout cleaning seems like a feasible DIY project. However, when you consider the time and expense involved, as well as the risk in causing permanent damage to bathroom walls and backsplashes, it’s a no brainers to hire a professional.

The difficulty associated with tile grout cleaning is two-fold. For one, the places in your home where tile grout is found, i.e. the kitchen and bathroom, are high-use areas. Here, tile grout is constantly exposed to water, soap, dirt, and foot traffic (the bathroom), as well as water combined with food splatter (the kitchen). Secondly, it is notoriously difficult to achieve full clean tile grout with traditional cleaning supplies, given the nature of the grout itself and the fact that long-term discolorations and stains become entrenched and virtually impossible to remove.

When you hire a professional cleaner like McCartin’s, you benefit from over thirty years of experience. This is important because we have developed a tested process to make our clients’ tile grout look great again. Our experience is also vital in terms of the choice of cleaning supplies, some of which can be harmful if applied by an untrained person.

Tired of the old color of your grout?

Update your rooms look and help protect the grout with color sealer. Ask us about this service. Let McCartin’s transform your tile & grout.

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