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5 Interior Trends for an Instagram-Worthy Home

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Admit it, you want your home to look just like the ones in your Instagram feed. Who wouldn’t? Here are 5 trends for 2022 from some of the top IG influencers.

1. Multifunctional Spaces

Since 2020, single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past. Expect interior design trends in 2022 to feature new ideas on multifunctional rooms, from how to make the space you have to innovative room-dividing tactics.

There is a multitude of opportunities within any given room. Often many miss these by forgetting about the vertical space your room offers. Shelving, ladders, and platforms can open various doors and even function as room dividers.

Aside from space planning, smart furniture including pieces with integrated technology or design with function in mind will play a big role. For instance, accent tables can also house speakers and controls, while remote-controlled shelving could slide open to reveal a bookshelf or bar.

2. Restored hard surface floors

The resurfacing of old favorites set against contemporary lines showcases contrast at its best. Whether you have authentic hardwood flooring or vintage tile, restoring what you have is the trend for 2022. We are seeing a big uptick in homeowners wanting to have their floors restored rather than replaced. Removing years of built-up wax on wood and tile floors with a screen and re-coat process is a popular option over sanding or replacing. Learn more

3. Marble and Natural Stone

Most modern homeowners are seeking the soothing appeal of natural stone after being stuck at home for the better part of two years. While granite has dominated for the last couple of decades, marble offers a soft, soothing appeal that homeowners living in a pandemic world find appealing.

4. Neutral shades complimented by bold accents

A neutral color base opens up an array of possibilities for your home. In fact, by sticking to basic hues, you always have a forgiving canvas. Choose paint colors that make your raw materials feel right at home. Think stone greys, tinted blacks, and off-whites. Accentuate will bold colored rugs, pillows and accent walls.

5. Vintage Pieces

2022 trends specialists and interior designers say that vintage is back in a big way this coming year. Velvet sofas reminiscent of the ‘70s, antique or antique looking rugs and geometric rugs will be front and center. and flea market finds will accentuate modern homeowners’ rooms this year.

Happy decorating!

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