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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Worry-Free

Celebrate mess is too tough

Cinco de Mayo is everyone's favorite excuse to have a little fun! Some margaritas, maybe a little guacamole, chips salsa...sound good? Sure, but what isn't so much fun is trying to get avocado or salsa out of carpet or rug fibers. Here are some tips…

Different stains require different treatments. Since many stains have more than one component like salsa or tomato sauce, for example, you may have to treat the stain using two separate products. One to deal with the oil in the stain, then using a second cleaner to remove the color.

If you are dealing with a guacamole or avocado stain, you’ll need an enzyme cleaner also known as digestants. These detergents contain enzymes that "eat" protein stains, like grass, blood, and avocado. If your carpet or area rug is wool or silk, you will want to contact a professional cleaner like McCartin’s immediately. Wool and silk are proteins, so digestants should never be used on these fibers.

earth safe people and pet friendly
McCartin's green seal certified spot-out

Ask us about our spot-out sprayer which is an all-in-one cleaner that is safe on all fiber and more importantly it is Green Seal Certified to protect you, your family, and even your pets because they are family too. We now carry retail size spray bottles for sale.

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