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How to Clean a Cranberry Sauce Stain

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Every holiday has it unique set of stains. In September’s blog post, we discussed various stains and how to treat them based on their value. For Halloween --- how to remove blood from carpet. Thanksgiving also has some expected stains from food and drink spills. No harm done, as long as you have the right cleaning solutions on hand. With our tips, you can be ready for the inevitable and not stress so much about potential stains. The most common Thanksgiving stain is cranberry.

But cranberries aren't just for Thanksgiving. They're in everything from juices to mixed drinks and barbecue sauces. So, the likelihood of experiencing a stain on your rug from the berry is highly likely. Cranberries produce a tannin stain. Tannin is a natural occurring vegetable dye found in many plants, especially grape skin, tea leaves, bark, and stalk of vegetation. It is responsible for the “bitter” taste of red wine and some coffees.

What to do?

The first step of removal is to clean the spot or stain with a rug cleaning detergent or spotter, which will help remove added substances.

Resist the urge to grab a bar of soap and use it on the stain. Never use a natural soap like Fels Naptha in a bar form, soap flakes, or liquid soap because natural soap makes tannin stains more difficult to remove.

After applying the detergent, work it into the spot or stain and allow dwell time; then extract the spot or stain.

Next, apply a vinegar or other acid-based cleaner, which works by dissolving the tannin for easier removal, work it into the stain, and allow to dwell for several minutes. Extract the spot and inspect.

If you still have a stain, it’s time to use a color-safe bleach that you would use on clothing. If you are in the Central Bucks County, PA area, a better solution would be to call us for your carpet and upholstery cleaning. McCartin's serves Central Bucks County and surrounding areas. Call us at (215) 953-9593 .

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