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Staying Relevant to Stay Afloat is One of the Biggest Challenges For Small Businesses

Staying relevant to its target market is always one of the biggest challenges for businesses. This has never been more accurate or more important than right now. These are strange days indeed, but small business must survive this crisis, right? Small business is what made America the land of opportunity for all. America would not be America without the mom and pop businesses that have sustained families for decades. Right now, most, if not all, small businesses are struggling to stay relevant, especially if the said business is not deemed essential and has had to shutter its doors if not entirely, then at least partially until the order is lifted.

Some business owners have become very creative in finding ways to bring their audience useful content or ways to continue bringing them products. For example, some fitness centers have offered livestream fitness classes for its members. But for businesses that offer services that are not as flexible or interesting, it is harder to keep up a relevant conversation. Owners worry that if they do not, will their customers or target market remember their company when the dust settles? These are trying times, and many business owners are more determined than ever to survive and thrive once again. However, that may not be possible for some, and it is unfortunate that some businesses will not come out on the other side of this.

Even once these restrictions are lightened, it won’t mean the problem is solved. Businesses will need to implement new protocols, especially in dealing directly with clients and customers. Social distancing will still remain key, and owners will have to be firm and resolute in the protective measures they’ve put in place and be willing and able to articulate the new modus operandi to employees and customers alike. Not an easy task but it is a business owner’s responsibility to make sure that they are doing everything possible to protect customers, employees and themselves.

McCartin’s Services is very fortunate to have some of the most beautiful and loyal customers. Many of you have reached out to inquire about scheduling work and have been very understanding about our limitations right now and are willing to wait to schedule until we can safely be back in occupied homes for anything other than an emergency. We truly appreciate this and assure you that we will be back. We remain hopeful that Governor Wolf will allow businesses to re-open in some capacity on May 1. As always, we will continue to monitor this fluid situation and update you. For now, we are operating in a limited capacity. Our changes in service are outlined here.

Be well we hope to see you soon.

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