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Summer All Natural Cleaning Tips

Summertime is such a busy time, with fun things to do, vacations to take, barbecues to host; it's action-packed. It's a time of year that is hard to think about cleaning the house, but it's the time of year when it's especially important not to neglect your home. Summer messes from melted ice cream and water ice to wine stains on the carpet, cleaning the home becomes crucial.

Here are some quick summer cleaning tips that won't take too much time so you can get back to enjoying your summer. The cleaning products used in these methods are also natural, so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals.

1. Deodorize the Trash with Baking Soda

Baking soda is great for absorbing strong odors, especially those coming from the garbage. Just sprinkle some in the bottom of the trashcan, and you're done. If you have trash cans sitting in the hot sun at a barbecue, you'll definitely notice the difference with this natural ingredient.

If you're using garbage bags, you can also wad up old newspaper and put it in the bottom of the bag to absorb the odor.

2. Cleaning Your Blinds with Vinegar

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl, dip a cloth in the mixture and run it over the blinds. Then use another dry cloth to dry them off.

3. Use Essential Oils in the Bathroom

To combat unwanted smells, you can use essential oils. Just add them into the core of a toilet paper roll. You'll notice that the smell will be released after every time you use the bathroom.

4. Wipe Out Water Rings with a Blow Dryer

If you have kids, you'll have water rings. There's no getting around it, even with coasters. But if you hold a blow dryer on high close to the ring, it disappears! If you're afraid it will fade the wood, rub some olive oil into the area, and it will recondition the wood.

5. Use a Lemon to Clean Your Microwave and Cutting Boards

Cooked on splatters inside of the microwave can be a challenge to get clean. An easy and product-free method is to slice a lemon into a bowl of water and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes on high, let it sit for another 3 minutes; the stains will be much easier to scrape off.

If you have a stubborn odor, Add baking soda to a bowl of water and follow the same steps above.

6. Get the Carpets and Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Carpets and area rugs are part of the home's main furnishing, and they get a lot of traffic which means a lot of friction as dirt and debris in the carpet get pressed further into the fiber with each step. Over time this will deteriorate the carpet or area rug quicker than normal. Regular vacuuming can help remove most of the surface dirt, but it won't reach deep within the fibers.

Having your carpet and area rugs cleaned professionally will extend their useful life and will promote a healthier, cleaner, and more attractive home environment. McCartin's Services uses the hot water extraction method to clean carpets. It's generally recommended to have this service done every 6-12 months, but homes with pets and frequent foot traffic may need them more often. McCartin's uses environmentally safe professional cleaning products in its hot water extraction cleaning process. Call us today for all your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile & grout cleaning (215) 860-6955. Call our sister company, Bal-Arisi, for expert area rug cleaning and repair (267) 918-2085.

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