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What’s In Your Sofa?

white upholstery, white sofa
Professional upholstery cleaning

Photo by hutomoabrianto unsplash

Have you ever lifted the cushions on your sofa to find spare change, only to find much, much, more than you bargained for.

Do you know what’s living inside your sofa? If you haven’t lifted those cushions in quite a while, it’s time to do so and find out.

One of the worst culprits in your couch cushions are crumbs. Whether you eat meals regularly on the sofa or you have kids, crumbs can collect between the couch cushions, and sugary drinks spill and stain the fabric. Food and sugar will attract bugs which will typically find their way inside the sofa and lay eggs. In order to avoid the problem, make a sure that no one eats or drinks on the couch.

If you have pets and they like to lounge on the couch too, likely you will find pet dander bunnies under the cushions. While this may seem harmless, pet dander carries multiple allergens and prolonged exposure can be unhealthy and very uncomfortable especially for those with allergies. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep pets off of the furniture to keep it in better condition.

Once you’ve taken a peek under the cushions and come to terms with the mess. Make a plan to perhaps, set house rules, have a regular vacuuming plan for your furniture, and set a schedule to have McCartin’s out for a professional upholstery cleaning and fabric protector application once a year. We are experienced with all upholstery types. We work on every stain and a fabric protector application will add protection from any future staining.

Call us now for an upholstery cleaning appointment (215) 953-9593 or (215) 860-6955.

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